Renovare Gold and Silver ore processing system handles 20-30 tons of leached ore per day in an ISO containerized system, providing ease of transport of equipment to site and flexible location options.  Throughput expansion is easily achieved through modular addition of RenoCells into the current processing plant. Our mining systems have state of the art touch screen computer management console providing ease of control and process data capture for efficient processing and maximum yield of precious metals.


Bench Scale Test System

The Bench Scale System uses the Model M100 divided RenoCell with two complete flow paths (anolyte & catholyte) for divided or undivided cell testing.

The system includes power supply, recirculation pumps, flow meters, and two five liter tanks. All components are PVC or polypropylene, mounted on an open PVC frame. All pipe, valves, fittings and frame tie rods are threaded for ease of disassembly for cleaning.

Standard system includes M100 RenoCell with removable cation membrane divider, and above components, contained in a 23 inch square FRP heavy duty shipping case for ease of transport.


RenoCell Modular System

A RenoCell Modular System consists of the world's most efficient and highest performance electrolytic cell, a DC power supply and auxiliary equipment.

A metal-bearing process stream is electrolytically stripper of dissolved metal ions as it passes through the RenoCell. The metal ions are deposited as a solid metal onto a specialized high surface area, carbon cathode.

When the cathode is fully loaded, it is easily removed from the cell and replaced with a fresh one. The loaded cathode may be sold for its metal value.



Pilot System

Pilot System is a full scale RenoCell with power supply, recirculation pump, flow meter, low-flow cutoff switch, control panel with HOA power and pump starter switch and associated logic.

All components mounted in an open, free standing, stainless steel frame.

 Standard system includes one undivided RenoCell M500 with frame dimensions of 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 60 inches high.

RenoCell mounted to swing out for easy cathode access.