North America

Renovare International, Inc. is located in Alameda, CA and is the developer, manufacturer, and seller of RenoCell® technology and process systems. We have 17 years of implemntation experience working directly with clients on precious metal recovery, precious metal and rare earth mining applications, effluent discharge compliance, metal plating cost recovery, and 'Green' process and waste water options.

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UK, Europe, and the Middle East



Efftech Limited is located in the UK and is an authorized Technical Partner for the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. As a Technical Partner, they are RenoCell experts and have performed many application integrations of RenoCell® technology-based systems. Efftech delivers superior, low-cost, high-performance solutions, and ongoing service and support for a variety of applications in precious metal recovery, metal plating, process and wastewater treatment systems in industrial, environmental, mining, and bio-fuel industries.

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